(Select to close) The River Itchen at Martyr Worthy: Wildlife and Riverkeeping Observed: The River Itchen in Hampshire is one of the finest chalk streams in the world, famed for its wild brown trout. This book is a distillation of an observational, ten-year study of a one kilometre stretch of the river at Martyr Worthy in Hampshire. The highly illustrated account draws upon 100,000 photographs and hundreds of hours of video recordings taken between 2008 and 2018.
Wild brown trout spawning, seventy species of bird and otters, including a family tracked and filmed for a year, feature together with a wide variety of insects and plants. The river provides a rich source of material for the artist, poet and storyteller. More importantly, the relentless day-by-day activities of the riverkeeper describe what it takes to conserve this Site of Special Scientific Interest, a truly wild and special place..
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(Select to close) You Should Have Been Here Last Thursday: This book is not a ‘how to fish’ book. It is a story about a chalk stream river by a professional riverkeeper who has spent 30 years maintaining the self-sustaining wild brown trout beat of the Upper River Itchen at Martyr Worthy in Hampshire. From the last ice age to the present day an informative picture is painted of the river’s heritage, development, management, land use practices, man’s influence upon the river, what a chalk stream is and how it works.
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(Select to close) River Glance ~ Nature Calendar: A timeless calendar with twelve images of the River Itchen, revealing some of the moods, insects, plants and beauty from the Martyr Worthy riverside. It is A4 in size.
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(Select to close) (Select to close) Calendar and Nature Notes: A 28 page booklet with scenes and nature images from the river at Martyr Worthy. An ideal I-spy for children, with space for notes and date of observation in the timeless calendar.
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